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People are at the heart of our organisation. This means you'll join a company committed to providing an enjoyable workplace that gives you the platform to thrive.

Depending on who we're working for and the type of work we're doing, we deliver projects as JN Bentley or MMB. But once you're in the building or out on site, you'll feel part of one collaborative team.

Learn more about our business and how we're part of the Mott MacDonald Group on the 'About us' page on the main site.

JN Bentley is an operations and construction contractor. If you're looking for roles in:

• Engineering
• Construction
• Commercial
• Business Support Roles

You'll be employed by JN Bentley and work on projects across the company.

Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) is our design and build business combining the design expertise of Mott MacDonald with contracting experience of JN Bentley.

If you're looking for design roles, you'll be employed by Mott MacDonald

Our Benefits

For a more detailed insight into our benefits please see our benefits overview.

You will be enrolled into this benefit within your first month of employment, it will allow you to claim back the cost of everyday health treatments

This service gives you access to a second opinion from a renowned medical specialist. One of the world’s top specialists can review your medical case confidentially.

Sometimes we all need a little help to keep life on track. Our Employee Assistance Programme is available to you day and night – providing confidential support and advice from trained professionals, on medical, legal, financial or domestic issues, whenever you need it.

Get discounts on gym memberships, digital fitness subscriptions and equipment at locations across the UK. Offers are updated regularly.

Each Autumn the Company provides all employees with the option to have a free flu vaccine.

We have a number of trained Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs)  and Wellbeing champions in the workplace who are there to answer calls confidentially if you are in need of mental health support.

This benefit gives you the flexibility to buy, sell or carry over your annual leave to suit your requirements and lifestyle

Take advantage of our Cycle To Work, with the option to buy a bike up to the value of £5,000.

This benefit allows you to donate money to any UK registered charity of your choice with monthly deductions from your gross salary.

Every Christmas we offer all staff a Christmas gift. You’ll have the choice of a turkey or a voucher.

We recognise the valuable contribution that Reservists make to the UK Armed Forces and our communities, so 5 days of any training will be paid

We recognise the emotional and physical strain that being a carer can bring, so we offer paid carers leave to provide extra support to those balancing their career with caring responsibilities.

Our referral schemes mean you can receive up to £2,500 if you recommend someone from your network who is then employed to fill one of our roles.

We have an exclusive employee discount scheme full of special offers on a range of goods and services from over 1,000 leading online and high street retailers, restaurants and travel companies. You can save money using instant vouchers, cashback and discounted reloadable cards.

You will be automatically enrolled into our life assurance policy.

Personal accident cover provides a lump sum cash payment in the event of serious injury or death as the result of an accident.

While working for another framework provider I began hearing positive feedback regarding JNB from both its employees and the client. The benefits packages are really good and there is a companywide commitment to learning and professional development by investing in its people and promoting from within which I found attractive as there was scope to develop and promote within the company.

People are at the heart of our business. We are committed to creating working environments on our sites and in our offices that enable our people to be their very best, delivering brilliant outcomes for clients, and for each other

I love my job! From resetting a pump to installing Pipelines, improving canal towpaths and emergency works to working at Rolls Royce. Every project is unique, and every day is a new day to learn, encourage and support others and most importantly to enjoy the workplace.

I’ve met people who’ve actually worked here for 10,15, even more than 20 years who still love working here and are happy with the company culture, that is a truly unique quality. People seem happy, motivated, friendly and helpful.

The varied and interesting projects I have been involved with in the water industry. Being involved in the whole project lifecycle from project conception, design, installation and commissioning through to handover. Also, the hybrid working policy enables has been a great help in terms of childcare and being able to take myself away from site to concentrate on paperwork without the disruptions of the operational environment.

As an engineering & construction company it is all encompassing, allowing access and involvement in all parts of a project from start to finish, so that it provides good experience of work and projects.

I enjoy working in an organisation that supports it staff on a personal and professional level. I can undertake my role in the knowledge that I have the confidence of my manager to carry out tasks without the need for them to micromanage - I have their support if I need it. We have some great people working for the organisation.

Communication is good; people are friendly, collaborative, and willing to listen to / support each other. There are some great support staff who are always happy to help others. The workforce is diverse in many different aspects, which makes this an awesome place to be - hearing other people's ideas on all aspects of life, and work helps to lift everyone up.

For me the site team has been great, I don't feel a great deal of pressure with the workload and if I need any help people are there to support me, and it seems like my line manager is willing to help me with my career aspirations and development.

Agile working arrangement help manage family commitments. Links to the wider MM helps to support my role. Wide range of expertise for ad hoc advice etc. Being able to have 9 weeks leave a year helps to manage family commitments. Opportunities and flexibility to support or gain support from other regions when required.

The accessibility to support on work or project related issues is very impressive and individuals from all units and teams are always willing to help. There are lots of opportunities for learning from peers, other projects management and leadership. I know that if I'm struggling with something I can pick the phone up or send a message on teams and someone will help. I'm also incredibly proud to work within a culture that I think is a leading light in Health and Safety. We have an excellent balance of safety, happy people and smart commercial thinking and I say balance because none of it is overbearing and in your face. I think our people are happy to buy into this and seeing the results of why it’s important spurs them on.

I feel that I am a valued member of the Bentley team. I enjoy getting up in a morning to come to work, not something I can say about other people I have worked for. It's great to be able to have some pride in the job I do. The management I am with make the job worthwhile.

I feel that I am a valued member of the Bentley team. I enjoy getting up in a morning to come to work, not something I can say about other people I have worked for. It's great to be able to have some pride in the job I do. The management I am with make the job worthwhile.

The people by far are the best thing about working for this organisation. They encourage young people to be their best and support their career. Older people are also encouraged to keep their skills updated and to learn new skills. Hybrid working allows people to do their best whilst working remotely.

Good people (emphasis on people not professionals), good pay and a very adaptive organisation (adaptive to changes in the world i.e. climate change and cost of living changes).

The team! The team !! The team !!! It's a very positive work environment and filled with very supportive people.

Being an employee-owned business - return to employees and not beholden to the stock market investors. Feels like company run for its employees. Good balance of push and reward. Feel secure from redundancy. Lots of opportunity to progress and develop.

Trust and empowerment from management which allows me to use my skills and experience to do my role to the best of my availability. Welcoming staff with a good work ethic creates a good working environment.

I have never worked directly for a Tier 1 contractor until now and I find this organisation to be far more professional from top to bottom compared to previous employers. I feel I can achieve my career goals in this firm and plan to be here for many years to come to achieve this.

The flexible working is up there for me. I love the work from home as it is good, and it allows you to get more done in my opinion. I also know this organisation is good as a lot of people who aren't in the industry know the name. It is an organisation to work for and has a lot of good things, the pay, the people, bonuses for hard work company wide, the workload, the interesting projects, the flexibility.

Having only been with the organisation a short time, I have been impressed with the focus on employee wellbeing and recognition/benefits offered, and the knock-on effect this has in promoting an excellent work ethic amongst staff. I think it is evident in the atmosphere generally in the office and the fact that many staff members have been with the company for so long that JN Bentley is serious about employee wellbeing and raising the reputation of the company for employees and in terms of the work produced. It is refreshing to find an employer who is consistent in recognition and retaining staff. I feel happy about my choice to join JN Bentley and hope to be one of the members of staff that enjoys a long employment. I still have a lot to learn about my role, colleagues, and the company/industry but I feel confident that there are opportunities ahead that I would not find in other workplaces.

The inclusivity within the workplace and the excellent environment in the office. Having understanding managers that provide good communication and goals for me to progress. Being treated fairly and equal to others. Feeling comfortable to ask questions and feeling comfortable around the people I work with.

I like that our directors are friendly and will answer the phone or make time for you if you have a problem. I appreciate the support I receive from my professional development team and the opportunities they give to me. I feel comfortable when in a big collaborative team, as I feel everyone tries to support each other as much as possible.

Working environment - I really enjoy the aspect of being able to attend site often, this has a positive impact on my understanding as you visually see what is being undertaken on site. The site team I have been involved with are always offering to explain certain aspects of the project. It came to mind when I first started for JNB whether I would get the opportunity to visit sites (previous job was site based) and gain that experience to help me with my job role. I automatically assumed my role would be office based full time - I was totally wrong. Fellow employees - I feel that I get on with everyone within my team / triangle and different people who are involved in different aspects of my current projects - design / labour on site / site agents / engineers etc. Opportunity in regard to learning - There are plenty of opportunities to gain knowledge, these can be webinars / meetings / training / further education. The above happen frequently. Salary / Bonus - I have never worked or heard of a company that rewards their employees based on how well the company is performing.

The business is always looking for opportunities to grow and increase turnover/margins. This provides development opportunities for people across all areas and disciplines. They proactively reward those that deserve any recognition, and everyone genuinely cares about the people who work for our organisation.

Working environment, ability to approach anyone in the office, site or on teams with a question knowing that whoever it may be will be happy to help. I feel that this creates a sense of friendship between my colleagues and I. Work is always going to be more enjoyable when you feel you're working with friends/friendly people rather than just colleagues.

In a really good team, who work well together and can have a laugh with, both those on my level and managers. Agile working helps with a busy home life and allows me to juggle hobbies and family commitments. This also shows trust from management that they believe I can work well from home and that they allow me to be flexible.

People who I work with are brilliant and very supporting. There is recognition of when you do good work, they also give constructive comments to help you improve for in future. Give much needed learning points. Colleagues allow you to challenge for different ideas, which allows people to see different points of view; to then agree on the best solution. Agile/Hybrid working is perfect as it adds much needed flexibility to your working life. This is very useful, as it enables you to complete the work in your perfect environment to carry on meeting deadlines.

Being new to the company I have found my colleagues to be very welcoming and happy to help with any questions I have. I have felt that no question is a stupid question because of this. I think the triangle system (a system I have never come across) works very well for communication etc. Agile working is a major plus also as I feel if I need to work from home I can without judgement, and this has really helped my work/life balance. I really feel like I have a part to play here and have already being given more responsibility than at my previous employer which is great.

Our Culture

Our reputation for the highest quality is built by our people and so we strive to create and maintain a workplace where they can feel they truly belong. To do this well, we believe our people should be able to define how we do it. We are proud of where we are but recognise there is, of course, more to do. The very nature of being an inclusive workplace means being committed to continually evolving how we think and adapting what we need to do. As such our goals and work in the inclusion and belonging space will be ever-evolving.

Our Values

We believe that because we care about what we do, we do things better.

Caring brings social value. It means our people make sustainable positive differences to our clients, their customers, our communities and the environment by delivering projects that we are all proud of.

Because we care about our clients and their customers…

…clients award us repeat-business. They sign up to long-term frameworks with us and call on our services when deadlines are tight, when they need an emergency response, and when the work needs a team of people willing to go that extra mile. And whilst working together, we always care for the environment.

Because we care about our people and keeping them safe…

…there is nothing more important than our people going home fit and well at the end of the day. We want our people to thrive and invest heavily in their development. We want them to be part of their communities, supporting volunteering, charitable endeavours, and social events.

Because we care about the bottom line…

…we’ve put the tools in place to help ensure we deliver efficiently for our clients. Our Quality, Cost & Efficiency Strategy focuses on innovation, collective effort and making those small savings that all add up. This means our clients' investments deliver as much for society as possible.

Training & Development




Hours spent on training & development


Spent On Training


Apprentices appointed 

Every year we invest upward of £1 million in training, delivering a variety of practical hands-on courses to enable our people to work safely and competently on site. We have a dedicated training team who constantly review training requirements across the business and will ensure you're suitably upskilled to be able to undertake your role, as well as the next steps in your career.

Courses include, but are not limited to, Site Management Safety Training Scheme (5-day); abrasive wheels; slinger/signaller; working at heights; and confined spaces.

As well as the practical training your need to do your role, we are committed to ensuring our people have all the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their roles safely. Our commitment to Beyond Zero injuries is unwavering and we empower our people to become leaders in health, safety and environmental management through our 'I Care Programme'.

Having built a solid reputation as an employer that encourages and facilitates progression, we have invested heavily in our development pathways to ensure our processes are adaptable and centred on the individual. Where possible we also support our people to achieve their professional chartership with many of our people gaining membership with ICEICESCIPS and CIPD.

We empower our people to drive their own development progression through our award-winning performance development tool. This is built on having regular and meaningful employee-line manager conversations that are future focused and driven by agile goals.

The aim is to cultivate a culture in which everyone can influence and take ownership of their own progression. Through one of our established programmes that cater for each stage of your career to personal mentorship and support to achieve professional chartership, you will be able to find the ideal pathway for you.

Our Health & Safety Commitment

To achieve ZERO INJURIES and PREVENT occupational ill-health.

We will realise our vision by everyone taking ownership of their team’s colleagues’ and their own health and safety.

Our employees are our greatest asset, and our Health & Safety Strategy builds on our collective initiatives over the past few years; we want our people to be involved and work to our platinum rule that says

If we cannot do it safely, we will not do it.

To find out more about our health and safety commitment click here.

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